Dan Ross, Director of Capital Asset Management @ OMES State Office

Donna’s customer service presentations provided my team with an experience unlike any other!  From telling personal-experience stories to role-playing with the students, she was able to open our eyes to our customers’ expectations!

All 200 members of the Capital Asset Management Division left her training event with a new outlook and an improved set of skills. Great experience!

Jennifer Johnson, Manager of Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions @ OKC Office

Donna came highly recommended as a Guest Speaker for our 2019 Vendor Symposium and both of her sessions were THE favorites with our attendees!  Not only was her energy and enthusiasm contagious, but her easy-to-implement information was so appreciated.

We will definitely be reaching out to her for future leadership-development speaking events!

Milissa Copeland, Learning & Development Mgr for OKC Metropolitan Library Systems

After seeing Donna’s energetic presentation of her “Six Thinking Hats” program for the Oklahoma City Metro Employer Council’s Event, we hired her to introduce this leadership-development tool @ our monthly managers’ meeting; then, again, at our Annual Staff Development Day.  Now our Executive Director incorporates the “Thinking Hats” methodology on a regular basis – thanks to Donna’s instruction!

Dr. Paulette Jones, MPA Program Director @ Oklahoma’s Randall University

Ever since we initiated our Annual Management & Ethics Conference, Donna has been invited back every year due to the professional popularity of her useful, informative sessions --- in addition to the personal popularity of her dynamic, interactive presentation style!

"Loved your SIX THINKING HATS presentation! We need this to make our Leadership Meetings more effective and interactive."
.. Jennifer Smith, Human Resources Manager, Braum's Inc.

''Thank you!!! I believe that it was truly valuable to our team to hear your SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEAMS presentation! And we look forward to working with you again in the future!''
... Linsey Garlington, OKC-County Health Department Supervisor for Teen Prevention Programs

"Your workshops for our UCO employees are always fun, interactive, and educational; no wonder you are a popular trainer!
I would recommend you to any organization.''
•.. Fran Petties, University of Central Oklahoma Director of Professional Development

''Every time I've used your services, you have generated energy in the room with your storytelling, activities, and interaction with the attendees. You truly do ''live'' your company name and make it matter! "
.•. Charles Middleton, Charles Middleton Consulting CEO

From the University of Oklahoma‘s “Stress Management” seminar for their internal professional-development program:

“I always enjoy Donna’s classes!  She is energetic, funny, and entertaining; by far, the best presenter of any seminar that I’ve ever attended here at OU.” …Information Technology Department Supervisor

“Absolutely fantastic!  Excellent class and excellent presenter.  Donna is informative and very inspirational!” …Accounting Department Professional

From the Travel Industry Association of Kansas’ summer conference “Guest Services” seminar:

“Donna managed to keep all of us motivated throughout the seminar.  She kept our attention and made sure that we all had fun while learning!”  …McPherson,KS Convention and Visitors Bureau Manager

“This was a great presentation full of inspiring reminders of why we are all in the hospitality business.  Donna’s enthusiasm for this business has motivated me.”  …Manhattan,KS Convention and Visitors Bureau Manager


From the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, Chicago, IL
“Top Ten Tips for Training Top Performers” seminar:

“Donna’s energy is contagious!  Even with an audience of 150+ participants, she managed to keep us engaged throughout the session. Fast-paced, well-organized, interactive, and fun!  Excellent handouts; will share this information with my staff immediately.  Just what I wanted to see.  Great job!”  …National Casual-Dining Brand, Vice President of Training